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A young woman and her boyfriend go on a treacherous journey of escape as their country is caught in an unexpected war with artificial intelligence. Days away from the arrival of their first child, they must cross a stronghold of the android uprising, in hopes of reaching safety before giving birth.


UNITED STATES || Sci-Fi • Thriller || 2021

Release Date (U.S.A.)December 17, 2021
Rating ► [ R ] Violence and language.

Distributor ► Hulu

Directed by
Mattson Tomlin

Chloë Grace Moretz; Jared Reinfeldt; Algee Smith; Raúl Castillo; Jon F. Merz; ; Oscar Wahlberg; Steve M. Robertson; Kate Avallone; Owen Burke; Tamara Hickey; Liam McNeill; Kiara Pichardo.

Written by
Mattson Tomlin

Cinematography by
Patrick Scola

Music by
Michelle Birsky; Kevin Olken Henthorn.

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