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A woman with a rage disorder uses a special electrode device to shock herself anytime she feels the urge to act out her murderous fantasies. Unable to find love in a world that fears her unique condition, she finally falls for a man who accepts her for who she is, only to find him murdered the next day.

Enraged, she goes on a revenge-filled mission to find the killer, while also being hunted down by the police as the prime suspect.


Flag USA || Action • Comedy || 2021 || 91′

Distributor ► Amazon Prime Video
Film Rating ► [ R ] Strong violence, sexual content, and language throughout.
Release Date (U.S.A.)July 23, 2021

Directed by
Tanya Wexler

Kate Beckinsale; Jai Courtney; Stanley Tucci; Bobby Cannavale; Laverne Cox; Constantine Gregory; Ori Pfeffer; David Bradley; Susan Sarandon; Lewis Ian Bray.

Written by
Scott Wascha

Cinematography by
Jules O’Loughlin

Music by
Dominic Lewis

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