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Reem, a young mother married to a jealous man, goes to Huda’s salon in Bethlehem. But this ordinary visit turns sour when Huda, after having put Reem in a shameful situation, blackmails her to have her work for the secret service of the occupiers, and thus betray her people.

Huda’s Salon

EGYPT PALESTINE NETHERLANDS || Drama • Thriller || 2021 || 91′

Release Date (U.S.A.)March 04, 2022
Rating ► [ R ] Disturbing violent content and graphic nudity.

Distributor ► IFC Films

Directed by
Hany Abu-Assad

Ali Suliman; Maisa Abd Elhadi; Manal Awad; Kamel El Basha; Samer Bisharat; Omar Abu Amer.

Written by
Hany Abu-Assad

Cinematography by
Ehab Assal; Peter Flinckenberg.

Music by
Jeffrey van Rossum

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