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12-year-old Tinja is desperate to please her mother, a woman obsessed with presenting the image of a perfect family. One night, Tinja finds a strange egg. What hatches is beyond belief.


FINLAND SWEDEN (Pahanhautoja)
Horror • Drama || 2022 || 86′

Release Date (U.S.A.)April 29, 2022
Rating ► [ Not Rated Yet ]

Distributor ► IFC Films

Directed by
Hannah Bergholm

Siiri Solalinna; Sophia Heikkilä; Jani Volanen; Reino Nordin; Oiva Ollila; Ida Määttänen; Saija Lentonen; Stella Leppikorpi; Hertta Nieminen; Aada Punakivi; Hertta Karen.

Written by
Ilja Rautsi

Cinematography by
Jarkko T. Laine

Music by
Stein Berge Svendsen

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