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Two astronomers go on a media tour to warn humankind of a planet-killing comet hurtling toward Earth. The response from a distracted world: Meh.

Don’t Look Up

UNITED STATES || Comedy • Drama || 2021 || 138′

Release Date (U.S.A.)December 10, 2021 (Theaters) ||| December 24, 2021 (Netflix)
Rating ► [ R ] Language throughout, some sexual content, graphic nudity and drug content.

Distributor ► Netflix

Directed by
Adam McKay

Leonardo DiCaprio; Jennifer Lawrence; Meryl Streep; Jonah Hill; Timothée Chalamet; Melanie Lynskey; Cate Blanchett; Ron Perlman; Ariana Grande; Mark Rylance; Tyler Perry.

Written by
Adam McKay.
Story by Adam McKay; David Sirota.

Cinematography by
Linus Sandgren

Music by
Nicholas Britell

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