During the post-WW2 Indonesian War of Independence, a young Dutch soldier joins an elite unit led by a mysterious captain known only as “The Turk”. When the fighting intensifies, the young soldier finds himself questioning – and ultimately challenging – his commander’s brutal strategy to stop the resistance.

The East

Flag HOLL Flag BEL Flag INDO Flag USA (De Oost)
Drama || 2020 || 137′

Release Date (U.S.A.)August 13, 2021
Film Rating ► Not Rated Yet

Distributor ► Magnet Releasing

Directed by
Jim Taihuttu

Martijn Lakemeyer; Marwan Kenzari; Jonas Smulders; Coen Bril; Reinout Scholten van Aschat; Jim Deddes; Jeroen Perceval; Mike Reus; Joenoes Polnaija; Denise Aznam; Peter Paul Muller; Huub Smit.

Written by
Mustafa Duygulu; Jim Taihuttu.

Cinematography by
Lennart Verstegen

Music by
Gino Taihuttu