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In Book of Love, young, uptight English writer Henry’s (Claflin) novel is a resolute failure.  He is delighted to find out his book is a surprise hit in Mexico but when he is invited there to promote it, he soon discovers why; his Spanish translator Maria (Echegui) has rewritten his dull book as an erotic novel.  Henry is furious, and even more so when his publisher insists he and Maria conduct a book tour across Mexico together.  Opposites attract and the chemistry between the couple ensures sparks fly.

Book of Love

UNITED KINGDOM MEXICO || Comedy • Romance || 2022 || 106′

Release Date (U.S.A.)February 04, 2022
Rating ► [ Not Rated Yet ]

Distributor ► Amazon

Directed by
Analeine Cal y Mayor

Sam Claflin; Verónica Echegui; Fernando Becerril; Ruy Gaytan; Horacio Villalobos; Horacio Garcia Rojas; Lucy Punch; Edwarda Gurrola; Melissa Pino; Daniela Luque; Giovani Florido.

Written by
Analeine Cal y Mayor; David Quantick.

Cinematography by
Gerardo Barroso

Music by
Ian Livingstone

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