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Abigail (Dianna Agron), a divorced mother of two, struggling to balance the dynamic forces within her dysfunctional family as she attempts to cultivate new love.

As They Made Us

UNITED STATES || Drama • Comedy || 2022 || 97′

Release Date (U.S.A.)April 08, 2022
Rating ► [ R ] Language.

Distributor ► Quiver Distribution

Directed by
Mayim Bialik

Dianna Agron; Dustin Hoffman; Simon Helberg; Charlie Weber; Candice Bergen; Mellanie Hubert; Julian Gant; Sweta Keswani; Justin Chu Cary; John Wollman; Anastasia Veronica Lee.

Written by
Mayim Bialik

Cinematography by
David Feeney-Mosier

Music by
Kevin Besignano

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