Late in the fall of 2018, Dave Ohlmuller conducted a solo bike ride from Chicago, IL, to New York, NY. Sexually abused at 12 years old by a priest in his New Jersey parish, Dave rode to inspire other Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) Survivors to come forward and tell their own stories. Dave also rode to generate awareness of the daunting legal and political obstacles CSA Survivors face after they come forward and attempt to seek justice for the heinous crimes committed to them in their youth.

Along the way, Dave met an incredible array of Survivors and Advocates who are also going to extremes for the CSA cause. These Survivors included victims from the sports arena and the music industry; a former priest who was abused while studying at the seminary; a former police officer and grieving father of a CSA victim who committed suicide because he was unable to live with the psychological trauma of his abuse; and one of the youngest and most vocal advocates, a teenager from Pennsylvania.

A Peloton of One

UNITED STATES || Documentary || 2020 || 99′

VOD Release Date (U.S.A.)March 11, 2022
Rating ► [ Not Rated Yet ]

Distributor ► Global Digital Releasing

Directed by
John Bernardo; Steven E. Mallorca.


Written by
Based on the novel by

Cinematography by
Steven E. Mallorca

Music by
Adam Charity

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