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Two teen sisters, Hailey and Brooke, go to live with their grandmother when their father is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Their grandma used to be a country music star but she retired after the death of their grandfather in a car accident.

Hailey wants to be a country singer like her grandma but she suffers from bad stage fright. Brooke used to be a barrel racer but she was injured in the accident. The girls convince their grandmother to come out of retirement to raise money for their dad’s defense.

The concert is a success and helps Hailey get over her stage fright. However, when they go to withdraw the money they find that it is gone. The girls and their grandma find a way to recover the money and they ultimately use it to free their father. And with their grandma’s help both girls go on to chase their dreams of being a singer and a barrel racer.

A Cowgirl’s Song

UNITED STATES || Drama • Music || 2022 || 93′

Release Date (U.S.A.)April 22, 2022
Rating ► [ Not Rated Yet ]

Distributor ► Samuel Goldwyn Films

Directed by
Timothy Armstrong

Cheryl Ladd; Savannah Lee May; Darci Lynne; Rachel Cannon; Dodge Prince; Jared Trevino; Maggie McClure; Bill Jenkins; Amberley Snyder; Shane Henry; Jason Alan Smith; Marcus Mauldin.

Written by
Timothy Armstrong

Cinematography by
Kacper Skowron

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